Sunday, January 4, 2009

RMB Spreads 200pts in HSBC

In recent 2 days when I deposited my RMB in HSBC, I discovered 2 things: first, HSBC would charge 0.125% service charge for a total amount of cash deposit at 12,000RMB/day or over (which the maximum had used to be 50,000RMB/day before the change). Second, when I checked the spread of RMB against HKD, it was 114.07:112.04 (friday) and 113.95:112.13 (yesterday), a spread of 203 and 182 pts respectively. Maybe I am over-sensitive, but both are not normal measures, anyone likes to express your valuable opinions?

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Felix Kan said...

What about selling RMB charges? same or different than buying?