Wednesday, February 25, 2009

USA and China...


Demand on consumption: Low. Supply of consumable: Low in local market; huge from overseas.

Demand on USA products: except possibly very high technology products, Low. Supply of USA products: ditto.

Demand on Government projects: essential for upgrading the already obsolete roads, railways, pipes, wires, cables and the health care system. Supply of Government projects: coming.

Demand on Investment: a "necessary-evil" for the retired people; a privilege to the middle-class who has a lot of capital evaporated and tied up; a dream to the young people. Supply of investment: the sectors love quality customers but most customers are unclassified now.

Demand on jobs: always. Supplies of jobs: rare.

Demand on fuels and raw materials: huge though stop increasing. Supplies of raw materials: theoretically huge as USA directly and indirectly controls various resources.

Demand on information: huge. Supplies of information: huge but many misleading.


Demand on Consumption: from 2006-2008 increases, 2009 starts to plateau. Supplies of Consumables: huge even from local markets, also huge from overseas.

Demand on Government projects: huge. Supplies of Government projects: 2007-2008 cools down; 2009 reboots, 2010 may recover and surge.

Demand on Investment: huge; from individuals to private enterprises they look for opportunities and capital; large corporates and state-owned-enterprises look for protections by policies. Supplies on Investment: leaning towards the latter ones and minimial on the previous ones.

Demand on Jobs: huge. Supplies of jobs: decreasing since 2009.

Demand on fuels and raw materials: huge and still increasing. Supplies of fuels and raw materials: very insufficient comparing to the demand. Minimial controls on world-wide resources.

Demand on information: huge. Supplies of information: very constrained and censored and homogenous despite large in amount.

Any inspirations on such comparison?

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